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You know, I should always trust my instincts.

I was walking through the South End the other day, and decided to take a walk down Upton Street, basically to check out the buildings which Pine Street Inn wants to turn into “transitional housing”.

I turned the corner onto Shawmut and saw a storefront filled with people, with a sign that read “welcoming committee” on it.

I continued on.

I should have stopped.

Turns out, it was a group of neighbors who decided to get together to talk about Pine Street’s plans. Mostly supporters, I gather.

From South End News:

Around 50 residents, elected officials, and concerned citizens squeezed into a community room on Shawmut Avenue on April 2, to show their support for the Pine Street Inn’s proposal to turn three row-homes on Upton Street into permanent housing for formerly homeless and low-income individuals …

… The meeting was the first official meeting of the Pine Street Inn Welcoming Committee, an initiative started by Harriet Finkelstein, who lives at the corner of Upton and Tremont streets and has said she supports the proposal because she believes in diversity and that its residents should be given the opportunity to find permanent housing …

… The meeting was also an opportunity for proponents of the project to make their support clear and strategize about how to help the Pine Street, including drafting a supportive petition to circulate. During the meeting, organizers passed out pre-printed postcards addressed to city councilors and the mayor, as well as Aimee Coolidge of the Pine Street Inn, expressing their full support for the project. Many people in the audience took several sheets, saying they would take them back to their buildings and pass them out to friends.

Source: Residents turn out to support Pine Street – By Linda Rodriguez, South End News

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