Boston, a city of creativity.

First up: Solar-powered trash cans (that will burn off your arm if you stick it in, too far).
Second up: CharlieCards (not so good if you’re slow).

Now: High-tech parking meters.

At first, I didn’t understand why we needed new meters. I mean, really, it’s a parking meter. You put a quarter in, you park for fifteen minutes.

But, after using one, I love it!

It’s like a parking meter, times ten!

You can use a quarter, a dollar bill, or a credit card.

So many choices!

(I’m being dead serious, btw).

My only complaint? Only that it is hard to see the screens at night – it’s LCD not LED.

Well, not everyone is happy (natch).

Apparently, the machines don’t do a very good job of accepting dollar bills. And, sometimes credit cards don’t work (user error?). Plus, people are having a hard time understanding how to put the receipt in their car windows. (?!)

A couple of people have complained that, if they use a dollar bill, they don’t get any change. If they only want to park for twenty minutes, they end up paying $1.00 for an hour, instead of just the $.50 due.

Well, obviously, the solution is to carry a roll of quarters, just like you did, in the past.

The other issue people have is that you don’t get any “freebies” – you used to get lucky and park and find 20 minutes left on the meter and be able to get away with paying nothing.

No more.

Yeah, that’s too bad. But, I mean. Really.

I like that these meters are more durable. I like that they don’t have to be emptied as quickly. I like that they look better.


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