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My new real estate marketing idea.

Recently, after the Super Bowl game McDonald’s came up with this new marketing idea called “Pay for Lovin.” Here’s how it works. If you are picked you can get a free McDonald’s meal by, say, calling your mom or sister and telling her you love her.

I’m thinking in this competitive Boston condo sales market I should come up with a similar marketing idea for my real estate business. This is how it would work. You purchase a Boston condo through Ford Realty and I’ll pay you a portion of my commission, this shows that I care and love my customers. Simple concept, once we close on your new Boston condo I’ll give you some money. Because I don’t want to violate U.S. trademarks I’ll have to change the slogan to “I’ll Pay for Your Lovin.” No, wait, that sounds like another business (that I would never want to be affiliated with). Let me work on my real estate marketing plan a little more, I’ll get back to you.

File Under: Lovin it.

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Updated: January 2018


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