The Herald’s Scott Van Voorhis is out today with an update on plans for a residential tower to be built next to and above the Neiman-Marcus department store near Copley Square.

The project calls for a condo tower that could rise anywhere from 500 to 585 feet above a revamped Neiman Marcus store that could nearly double in size.

Someone asked members of a local neighborhood association what they thought; not surprisingly, they weren’t pleased.

“We have enough shadows,” said Jackie Yessian, chair of the Neighborhood Association of Back Bay, speaking of Copley Square. “It already has shadows during the day. Enough is enough.”

Well, as a commenter on the Herald site said:

Hmmm. SO we have the Hancock tower, the Marriott, the Westin, and two new towers on Clarendon [Street] going up. But it’s this tower, further away, that will be the problem?

(Another point to make: the Back Bay neighborhood associations who are so vocal in their opposition to anything of any size will have limited input into this project; their control stops on the southern side of Boylston Street, from what I’ve heard … if true, it will make things a lot easier for Simon.)

My guess? This one’s a slam-dunk. It’s gonna be built, pretty much as proposed.

Source: A shadow of a doubt – By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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