The South End will see up to 8 new homes built at 32 Rutland Street, after the city’s Zoning Board of Appeals and Landmarks Commission each gave final approval to the project.

According to the South End News, the developer, Yan Schechter, hopes to complete the project within 14 months.

The units will be marketed toward families, he said. An elevator will open directly to all the units, which will range in size from approximately 1000- to 3000-square feet. Schechter noted that while most condos in the South End see at least 20 percent of their floor space eaten up by a staircase, his design team figured out a way to avoid that problem.

In fact, one of the units will have 2,000 square feet of contiguous space. The units will be priced from $700,000 to $2 million, according to the developer.

I was at this and last month’s South End Landmarks Commission meetings where the project was discussed, and I have to say, the developer has done a fantastic job of meeting neighborhood demands.

Specifically, as also mentioned in the article, the USES people next door were able to discuss their concerns and needs with the developer on many occasions. Perhaps they aren’t totally happy that their play lot will be affected somewhat by shadows, but they were able to come to an agreement acceptable to them and suitable to the developer.

Win-win there, plus a win for the South End, as well.

Source: Zoning board approves Rutland Street development – By Justin A. Rice, South End News