From the Boston Business Journal:

A curt letter from Mayor Thomas Menino to Anne Meyers, president of Downtown Crossing Association, was sent Monday, admonishing the association for not providing new locations or alternatives to pushcart vendors who will be displaced in Downtown Crossing.

The mayor demanded a map outlining new locations for these vendors be sent to him immediately.

What do you think? Should the pushcart vendors move on or should they be accommodated? I mean, no one likes losing their job, right?

However, there’s never a guarantee that you’ll have a job, tomorrow, either, right?

Plus, as the article points out, they aren’t being closed down, they’re being moved (although several vendors did have to give up one cart, due to space constraints).

And, by the way, this involves a handful of vendors.

What about the hundreds of people who lost their jobs at Filene’s Basement because it was being shut down for two-three years during reconstruction? No one’s come out to complain about them losing their jobs.

Source: Mayor blasts association for displacing pushcart vendors – By Naomi R. Kooker, Boston Business Journal

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