A slump in house sales coupled with fierce competition among brokers is forcing many new agents to rethink their career plans. Even in better times, area brokers say, only one in four new agents make it past their first year in the business. Those who stick it out often keep a second job to pay the bills.

Mike Dulock wanted to leave his family’s seafood business and revolutionize the real estate industry, so he took a few classes and got his real estate license.

Then he got real.

After earning less than $20,000 during his six months as a full-time agent, Dulock is back shivering before dawn each weekday on the Boston Fish Pier.

This guy never had realistic expectations, if he earned $20,000 and didn’t think it was enough.

Some people think real estate agents don’t deserve to make any money. I disagree, because I know how hard I work and also how much time it takes to learn the business and to keep on top of it.

Most agents don’t make a lot of money, anyway.

A lot of people who got into real estate over the past couple of years were never really serious about it being a career, anyway. They got their license, figured it was an easy way to make some cash, and then sat back and waited for buyers and sellers to come to them.

It doesn’t work that way.

A real estate agent is an entrepreneur, first. If you’re not good at business, you’re not going to be successful.

Complete article: Cooling real estate market pulls welcome mat for new agents – by Brenda J. Buote, The Boston Globe

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Updated: January 2018