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The North Bennet Street School, a private North End vocational school, is scrambling to come up with enough cash and final approvals in order to convert the old BPD and printing buildings into a new venue for its students.

The city and the school have agreed to a cross-neighborhood land swap in which the city gets the old North Bennet Street School property in exchange for the school acquiring most of the old BPD and printing facilities.

They’ll probably get the deal and conversion done in time, though it’s going to be a rush to the finish line.

Fyi: The somewhat famous front of the old BPD building with the golden dome cuppola, next to the entrance of the Callahan Tunnel, is not being taken over by the school. The back end of the entire facility is being taken over (see the side view photo above and the aerial photo below).

The North Bennet Street School even has a blog that’s chronicling the switchover to its new North End facility.

Sounds like a smart move for both the city and school.

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