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Just three years ago, things looked rosy for Boston. Overall crime rates had dropped to historic lows.

Fast forward to today, and Boston is facing more shootings and more murders than it has in a decade (although some crimes are still down).

Most other major metropolitan cities have faced the same predicament – a stubborn increase in their homicide rates.

Not New York City.

According to [police] department figures, 84 homicides were reported citywide from Jan. 1 through Sunday, an average of exactly one killing a day. That was down 28 percent from 117 during the same period last year.

The year-to-date number is the lowest since tracking began in 1962. Other crimes are down, as well (overall).

New York is not the only major city where the violent-crime rate has fallen this year. In Los Angeles, 64 homicides were recorded by March 17, a drop of 27 percent compared with the same period last year.

The encouraging results have not been without controversy. New York City police have faced charges that they target minority residents over others, and that they use methods of intimidation in order to keep the peace.

Source: Killings in First Quarter Drop to One a Day, Lowest Rate in Decades – By Cara Buckley, The New York Times

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