Wait, does Tom Keane think it’s okay for Boston to become an ephemeral city?

I’ve started a trend?

From today’s Globe:

Is housing in Massachusetts expensive? Sure. Is that a problem? Not really. In fact, the high cost of housing in the state illustrates our success, not failure.

I realize I’m in a minority on this one. The rhetoric around the housing issue is heated and almost apocalyptic. Expensive housing is driving people out of the state. It’s strangling the Massachusetts economy and hurting job growth. It’s making living in the Bay State unaffordable. It is, in short, that most overworked of all words, a “crisis.”

Yet costly housing in the Commonwealth isn’t a new phenomenon. In 1950, our median home price was the fourth highest in the nation. And except for 1980 – when we dropped to 16th place just before the economy revived under the “Massachusetts Miracle” – we’ve been in the top 10 ever since. If something has been going on for more than a half century, it’s probably more a fact of life than a crisis.

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