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One bedroom Boston condos

One bedroom Boston condos

This question I have been asked several times by Boston condo buyers: What’s the legal definition of a “bedroom” by Massachusetts code?

According to Massachusetts code # 310 CMR 15.002, provides this definition of a legal bedroom:

Bedroom – A room providing privacy intended primarily for sleeping and consisting of all the following:
(A)floor space of no less than 70 square feet;
(B)for existing houses and for mobile homes, a ceiling height of no less than 7’0’;
(C)for new construction, a ceiling height of no less than 7’3”;
(D)an electrical service and ventilation; and
(E)at least one window.

Please note that the above is not intended as legal advice.

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Source: Massachusetts Building Code.

One bedroom Boston condos for sale.

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Updated: January 2018


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