A Google real estate topic. Type in “Osama Bin Laden’s Hideout Compound” into Google maps. You’ll see over a thousand reader comments (a few more than my blog).

Here’s the latest one I just read:

… Newly renovated compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan! Only $600/month rent, with running water, electricity, and airconditioning. Minor scarring on walls in some rooms. Red stains on upholstery and floors in some rooms, can be assumed previous owner had some crazy parties and a taste for red wine. Small number of doors missing hinges, but only those leading up to the second floor master bedroom. Free stealth Blackhawk included with courtyard! Working condition, but missing a few parts that can be easily replaced with basic mechanical knowledge of state-of-the-art confidential aircraft.

Click here for an updated version of Google maps

File Under: Ideal property for 72 Virgins.

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