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One of the most anticipated developments in the city is the new Penny Savings Bank, under construction with a completion date scheduled for sometime this summer.

Boston Homes has all the details in a cover-story, this week.

There will be twenty-three units in the building across five-stories of space; two levels in the existing historic building and three brand-new floors of striking glass and steel construction.

I was originally very apprehensive over plans to mix new with old – in fact I think I called the design “heinous” when it was first proposed.

Having seen more designs, and having walked by the project as it has undergone construction, I’m now overwhelming pleased with it.

The first floor will have retail – Citibank will open a branch and there will be a high-end restaurant, as well. The second floor (which was actually a part of the first floor when the building was a bank) includes loft spaces – a unique idea.

The third, fourth and fifth floors are more traditional in size and layout.

Residents will have a private entrance, separate from the retail. There is onsite parking available for purchase.

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Updated:  1st Q 2018

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