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The Globe covers the efforts of some good neighbors to welcome the Pine Street Inn to Upton Street.

Harriet Finkelstein doesn’t leave home without pockets full of green buttons featuring a silhouetted real estate sign and the slogan: “The South End/Bigger Than a Block/I support Pine Street Housing.”

If she forgets to bring extras, she says, “I run into someone and have to give them the button I’m wearing.”

Finkelstein lives in the Union Park area of the South End, and her little green buttons are intended to deliver a big message to neighbors who oppose Pine Street Inn’s proposal to convert three-row houses there into housing for formerly homeless people.

Unfortunately, the Globe saw fit to also interview one of the vulgar neighbors who are opposing the move.

It’s irrelevant, however, what those neighbors think. The sale of the properties is a private deal, and the new use is acceptable according to zoning bylaws. The opposition can stew and make as much noise as possible, but they cannot stop this from happening.

Source: Let ’em in, or three’s a crowd; Groups face-off over Pine Street development – By Justin A. Rice, Boston Globe

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