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Where did most of my website traffic come from today? craigslist.

Some poor soul wrote this entry:

I have a great job, make good money and like what I do. I dress fairly well, am down to earth, honest, friendly, caring, thoughtful. I have a great apartment in Boston. I’ve got enough friends to keep me happy. I’m adventurous and always like to try new things. I’m no model, but I’m by no means ugly. If anything I’d say I’m average. I’m smart, can be funny and like to have fun. What girl wouldn’t be interested?

So what’s my problem? I can’t meet a compatible girl to save my life.

So, someone, not me, responded:

Well the problem is you are RENTing an apartment. You need to buy. Chicks dig that. Talk to them about real estate and win their hearts. Good Luck and read as much as you can and find a good broker to help you out.

See this site for info:


I swear, it wasn’t me.

I’m actually afraid that someone’s stolen my identity!

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Boston condos for sale


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Updated: January 2018

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