So, a developer wants to build a dormitory behind the YMCA on Huntington Ave, near Northeastern University. The dorm rooms would be marketed to college students, from any area college.

This sort of building is more common in other cities; the New York Times ran a story about it, in March.

The $200 million tower would rise 34-stories (!), cover 470,000 square feet, and house up to 600 students.

Residents in the neighborhood are not pleased.

Northeastern University isn’t happy, either.

Basically, the way I see it, the university doesn’t want someone else building anything in their backyard – if the developer is able to build a tower, then the neighborhood will be even more vehemently opposed to any future development plans, from Northeastern.

Northeastern bid on the parcel last year, but lost out to a higher bid.

Still, some see logic in putting a dormitory on the land.


According to a YMCA spokeswoman, “We’re surrounded by colleges and universities right now,” she said. “Students are a natural part of life down here.”

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