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Every year the National Association of Realtors publishes statistics about its membership. In this year’s report, It appears that the median age went from 54 to 55 in the last year and the percentage of women REALTORS went from 67% to 64%. Most people may not know that there are more women members than there are men.

The median age was 57 at one point and then along came the great recession and housing market crash. Some agents retired and the median age went down.

Here are this year’s numbers:

REALTOR® Demographics

  • 65% percent of REALTORS® are licensed as sales agents, 22% hold broker licenses, and 15% hold broker associate licenses.
  • The typical REALTOR® is a 55-year-old white female who attended college and is a homeowner.
  • 64% of all REALTORS® are female, and the median age of all REALTORS® is 55.
  • Real-estate experience of all REALTORS® (median): 9 years
  • Median tenure at the present firm (all REALTORS®): 4 years
  • Most REALTORS® worked 36 hours per week in 2019.
  • The median gross income of REALTORS® was $49,700 in 2019, an increase from $41,800 in 2018.
  • The median number of transaction sides in 2019:
    • Residential sides for all REALTORS®: 12
    • Residential sides for residential specialists only: 12
    • Residential sides for commercial specialists only: 3
    • Commercial sides for commercial specialists only: 6

I read one recent article indicating that the number of real estate licensees is rising again. So far the housing market is doing well during the pandemic and it is during times of high unemployment that people start businesses.

About ten years ago NAR was very concerned about the median age of its members being so high and ever since they have gone that extra mile to get younger members into leadership positions.

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