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Boston condos for sale

I was walking through the North End to Beacon Hill this sunny frigid morning, and I marveled at how clean most of the sidewalks were. I know the mayor has taken a great deal of flack for the conditions of the city streets, but the sidewalks were cleared and easily navigated. My guess is the property owners don’t want to get fined like Secretary Kerry. All the store fronts and eateries on Hanover Street were pristine. The police station on New Chardon Street was clear as well as all the sidewalks by the other government buildings. Even the narrow sidewalks on Beacon Hill were cleared.

In years past that would not be the case. The day after the snow stopped so would the shoveling and salting. The sidewalks would be like a skating rink. This year property owners and managers are doing a great job in the city. It makes one grateful to live in a condo where the property manager sends out a crew to clear the sidewalk. Imagine what their backs must feel like after the last few storms. If you own one of these condos and don’t own a car I am willing to bet you are not dreading the upcoming Valentine’s Day blizzard. Just light a couple of candles and the fireplace and let the flakes fly. If you don’t own a Boston condos please contact us at 617-720-5454 or via email at

Boston condos for sale

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Boston condos for sale


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Updated: January 2018

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