nyc2I think the proposal to build two new towers near the Prudential Center is a good one.

A 19-story office building is proposed for 888 Boylston Street. It would rise next to the new Mandarin Oriental residences and hotel, currently under construction.

Around the corner, on Exeter Street, a 30-story residential tower would be constructed.

Up to 180 parking spaces would be included as part of the project.

The city of Boston has already approved plans for an eleven-story office building on Boylston Street.

Regardless, some of the residents of the neighborhood are vehemently opposed to the proposal.

Some want the buildings downscaled.

Some want nothing built, at all.

Of the two buildings, the residential tower seems like a better fit, to me. Less traffic, less density (as many as 1,600 employees would work in the office tower (?!!)).

Plus, the Prudential Plaza master plan was approved just five years ago, in 2002, which limited the office tower height to 11-stories.

It doesn’t seem as though enough time has passed to make that agreement irrelevant.

However, I have little patience for the complaints of neighbors.

Especially when they engage in histrionics.

From Banker & Tradesman:

Nancy Sonnabend organized a tenant petition drive to prevent construction of the two buildings. In a packed meeting of the Prudential Center Residents Association (PCRA) late last week, the longtime resident of the Pru’s Fairfield complex presented 157 signatures in opposition to the development …

… “No. No. No. These buildings are too big for the small site they’re on,” said Sonnabend. “They will cast big shadows on Boylston Street, exacerbate an already traffic-choked section of the city and destroy the light and the views.” …

… “Boylston and Exeter Streets are already impassible,” she said. “The area is looking more and more like [New York’s] midtown Manhattan.”

Uh-huh. Yes, it’s just like Times Square.

Proposed Pru Center Project Faces Towering Opposition – By Thomas Grillo, Banker & Tradesman

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