Question: I rent an apartment and have been out of work due to the pandemic. I am behind two months on the rent. The world is starting to open up, and I am worried every day about being sued for eviction. What should I do? — Lisa

Answer: In the upcoming weeks, the temporary ban on evictions will lift, and landlords who need to make their mortgage payments will flood in for assistance.While I expect a bit of backlog, the courts have been preparing for this and should get caught up quickly.

Now is the time for you to speak with your landlord and try to work things out. If your financial picture is improving, try to see if you can start paying some rent, even if you are not able to get caught up.

Your landlord will be less likely to evict you if they see you are trying, and you will not owe as much in back rent when things return to normal.

Source Boston Herald

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