We interrupt this real estate blog to bring you this important breaking news: A Brazilian doctor is confirming he performed plastic surgery on Qaddafi in the mid-1990s. From the doctor:

 “I warned Gadhafi that the effects of the operation I performed would last for about five years, that it had an expiration date after which the skin would sag and the wrinkles would reappear,” Ribeiro said.

“He said he would call me if he needed me to come back,” and about five years ago there was such a request, but Ribeiro had a family obligation. “They never called me again,” he said.

So he was warned that his skin would sag and wrinkle again — and he still did nothing? We all suspected this was the case. Now we know. 

OK, back to your regularly scheduled real-estate news.

P.S. — Here are photos of today’s weirdest-looking dictator through the years. He looked very Austin Powersish in the 1960s, fyi.

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