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Following in the share-economy footsteps of Uber (the taxi-like service), Airbnb is now the latest big thing, as thousands of people now rent out bedrooms by the night at their condos and homes.

Because the rooms can go as low as $50 a night, it’s a big hit with travelers to Boston and elsewhere.

And because it’s a big hit, it’s going to meet stiff opposition, not just from established hotels, but also from government entities who want their cherished hotel tax revenues.

We can think of many reasons to be cautious about Airbnb. But we can also think of twice as many reasons to be pumped up about Airbnb.

Chief among them: Travel in the US is just too damn expensive and the market is clearly looking for alternatives, like Airbnb, to higher-priced (and highly taxed) hotels and established B&Bs. In Boston, renting out rooms on a nightly basis can also help defray the absurd cost of housing in this area.

So file under: Go Airbnb! Go disruptive technology!

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Updated: December 2017

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