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This story has everything you’d want. A Lutheran pastor, deviant sex in a town called Maple Grove, and a Coldwell Banker real estate agent.

So here’s the story: A Minnesota couple are accusing their Coldwell Banker real estate agent of using their home for sexual encounters with men while they were on vacation.

According to the Star Tribune, attorney Adam Bunge and his wife, Lutheran pastor Sarah Bunge, allege Steven Curtis Skar used their house for “unauthorized sexual escapades,” staining their sheets, couch, carpet, and other surfaces.

They say he entertained men in their home while they spent four weeks vacationing in London.

Coldwell Banker Burnet spent more than $7,000 to clean the home and replace sullied furniture, sheets, towels, the couple’s robes, and her negligee (sorry no pictures). The Bunges say they’re “repulsed” by what happened in their home and have moved out.

Here’s an excerpt from the Star Tribune:

Bunge said he first learned of a problem when his next-door neighbor e-mailed him in England, “saying there was some weird stuff going on at our house the night before.” A group of neighbors had noticed a bedroom light on and knocked on the door to investigate.

So what does a real estate agent do when he gets caught?

Skar answered and explained that he was cleaning for an open house the next day and would be gone in 15 minutes (only 15 min?), the neighbor told Bunge. Skar left the house with another man, according to neighbors, Bunge said.

Coldwell Banker fired Skar over the allegations. Last week Minnesota’s Commerce Department revoked Skar’s real estate license.

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