I was recently interviewed by a reporter at the Boston Business Journal.

From e-mail to blogs, local real estate brokers are relying more heavily on Web-based marketing tools to give them an edge in the current soft market …

… “With the current uncertainty in the U.S. housing market, it’s more important than ever for small real estate businesses and agents to find effective ways to build strong client relationships,” said Eric Groves, senior vice president at Constant Contact …

John Keith, principal of John A. Keith Real Estate in Boston, spends up to five hours a day reading materials and posting to his blog at BostonREB.com. With three years worth of blog posts containing industry buzz words, Keith also gets plenty of natural search traffic.

“Many of my clients are buyers who are relocating to Boston. If they do an Internet search for the words ‘Boston real estate’ or ‘Boston real estate blog’ or similar words, then they find me,” Keith said, noting that he allows visitors to search the listing service from his site.

According to the [a recently released] report, word of mouth and billboards were listed as the most effective sources of leads. The report suggests “agents and brokers don’t see advertising in general as a very effective marketing tool.”

But Keith isn’t buying that philosophy, not with nearly 100 percent of his leads coming through his blog. “There’s a real connection between having an Internet presence and finding clients and closing,” he insisted. “I don’t advertise anymore. The clients find me.”

True, that.

Realtors increasingly look to the Web for an edge – By Jennifer LeClaire, Boston Business Journal

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