Earlier today, I did a co-broke showing with a Coldwell Banker agent. At the showing she handed me a business card which displayed a headshot of herself. I’ve been wondering, why do real estate agents put their photos on their business cards….. to the best of my knowledge it’s a trend that hasn’t caught on in the business world… I’m guessing Steve Jobs doesn’t have his photo on his card, nor does Bill Gates or Warren Buffet. So why do real estate agents do it.

I can’t even begin to describe the shock I experienced today meeting this agent for the first time, who doesn’t look a thing like the prom photo she’s been using on her business card. My guess she’s been using ths same photo for many decades years.

So today I’m happy to announce the folks at the Huffington Post have taken up the issue of photos on business cards. They offer a little insight into the right and wrong way to go about doing it.

Click here to read Huffington Post.

For the record, I don’t have a headshot on my business card.

So I was just wondering, if Einstein were alive today would he have a photo on his business card.

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