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The Internet is awash with condo listings for sale. Even has them, appropriately enough in today’s glutted housing market.

So how is a real estate broker to draw Web traffic to yet another listings site? Here’s Coldwell Banker’s idea. They have has just launched a new site called BlueScape, designed to help you figure out what kind of condos you’d buy. The idea is loosely based on features from other shopping sites, such as Amazon and iTunes, which recommend things to you based on what you bought in the past.

BlueScape, shows you pictures to gauge your emotional responses. When a picture pops up, you can click on a thumbs-up icon or a thumbs-down. Based on your results, they will provide you with some condos you might be interested in viewing.

If you find this all a bit too whimsical, there is an easy fix, at least for now. Click back to my web site.

File Under: Marketing gone amok

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