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Yahoo Finance has an interesting article on how potential homebuyers need to be more aware than ever on viewing homes on real estate office web sites and FSBO web sites. Here’s a prime example of one of the big four potential real estate lies that you as a consumer should be cautious about:

Digital photos and video have been a godsend for real estate agents, homebuyers and sellers, enticing prospects to drool over images of Viking ranges, sparkling pools and lush lawns. Lately, agents have been posting interactive photos and floor plans, letting buyers view rooms and exteriors from different vantage points. Some houses have their own YouTube sites.

Problem is, it’s easy to Photoshop photos and edit video to make a house and its neighborhood seem far more attractive than they are. Some sellers post photos of kitchens and gardens you won’t find in the actual property. Videos get color-corrected so the grass, flowers and trees seem fresh and alive. A house may seem newly painted, even though the photo was taken five years ago

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