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Boston real estate slang

A sample list of slang terms from the Christian Science Monitor that were born this recession:

10. Funemployment, n. The practice of enjoying one’s unemployment.

8. Staycation, n. Vacationing at home or near home because traveling further would be prohibitively expensive.

7. Intaxication, n. A sense of delight mingled with the perception of instant wealth that one feels upon receiving a tax refund.

6. Madoff’d, v. To get ripped off in a particularly offensive fashion.

4. Mancession, n. A recession, such as this most recent one, which hits men harder than women.

See also: he-cession

2. Permatemp, n. The condition of being permanently employed as a temporary worker.

1. Decruited, adj. To be fired from a position one has not even started yet.

I would add “Boston Condo Porned” – an obsession with the darkest, ugliest charts, articles and anecdotes about the housing market. As in, “I used to go to Boston real estate blog all the time, but I got bored with all of the Boston condo porn.”

Source: Recession slang: 10 new terms for a new economy

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