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From June 16 to July 8, Redfin is not accepting new listing customers. You can submit listing information now if you’d like, but we will not contact you or list your property until July 9. If Redfin has already committed to listing your property, you can be sure that we will continue to meet your highest expectations.

But why are we turning away new business? In Southern California, new listing business increased by a factor of ten in one month; in the Bay Area it tripled. Continuing to take new listings would strain our ability to offer customers great service. Since one of our core principles is putting customers before profits, we are focusing on the customers we already have.

We will continue to represent buyers because our buyers’ agents still have the capacity to serve an increasing number of new customers well. We will only resume listing properties when we can offer every new listing customer the same fanatical service that got us this far in the first place, which we expect will take us a few weeks. You can send us feedback via our blog or by using a form to send us e-mail.

Thanks for your support, and we apologize for this interruption in our service.



Interesting news.

(*** Okay, I’ve edited this post five or six times, and ended up deleting my personal comments on this. Eh.)

Source: Redfin Corporate Blog

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