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It’s been a couple of weeks since I checked out the Redfin website.

Their website is cool because you get to see a lot of properties mapped out in one place, and you can zoom in on a neighborhood to check out what’s available at what price.

Well, that sounds good. Actually, I think it may actually be against MLS regulations to show the data this way. MLS regulations require that websites force users to log-in to see street addresses. On my site, you can search through MLS and get general information about each listing, including the MLS #, but you can’t see the location unless you are one of my clients and log-in.

Redfin’s site doesn’t show you the specific address, but you can pretty much determine the street if you zoom in on the map.

In addition, Redfin isn’t showing the listing agent for each property, which is definitely against MLS regulations. (It does, if you click through to “View Full Details” …) They show Days On Market as well, which isn’t right.

I hope no one reports them!

They still have some kinks in their software.

Here’s a map of the Chinatown / Leather District neighborhood.


– click for larger image

Redfin has several Dorchester and Charlestown properties mapped out here.


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