Not many people in Boston are buying brownstones and turning them (back) into single-family homes.

(Part of this reason (of course) is that most of the buildings in Boston are Victorian “bow-fronts” or “bay-fronts”, not brownstones …)

There is a great blog about brownstones in Brooklyn called “Brownstoner” (natch).

But, it’s about more than just brownstones in Brooklyn. It’s about all types of real estate in Brooklyn, and all about living in the NYC borough. Brooklyn is one of the hottest, hottest, hottest neighborhoods in America.

Today, the site added video to its site. I hope they add more of this sort of thing, in the near future.

In addition to all the great content, there is also a great renovation forum – thousands of active users giving advice (and sympathy and empathy) to others.

If you are considering getting into a renovation project, are in the midst of a renovation project, recovering from a renovation, or are just fascinated by the idea, Brownstoner is a good read.

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