Brian Carter, New York’s favorite rental agent, is at it again.

This time he meets the client from hell. The client from hell is not an unreasonable client. He’s an ambivalent one.

Bob needed an apartment and after only an hour of showing him around, I realized his tragic flaw: Bob couldn’t make a decision to save his life. When asked even the most routine and innocuous question, he would hesitate … He wouldn’t commit either way.

Bob bid on one apartment, and lost it.

Later, the Super called.

The other renter had backed out. The apartment was on the market. We could have it, if we acted fast. At that point, I expected him to be really motivated. But he took the information in stride.

We hit the street and in typical Bob fashion, he could only muster a, “Well, that’s interesting, hmmm.” I told him we needed to get over there and start the process. He hesitated, before saying he needed some time to think about it. I stared at him in disbelief. He looked a little embarrassed and strangely confused. He said he couldn’t make a decision because he needed to know what his “options” were.

“What do you mean by options,” I asked. It was tense. He replied, “You know, what apartments are available.” said, “Besides the 22 that you’ve already seen?

RENTAL DEMENTIA: Blame it on Bob – By Brian Carter, The New York Press

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