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The Globe profiles the Seaport District. Or, where the “Seaport District” may someday rise. Plans are for several new mega-billion, multi-use projects to fill the space.

In the meantime, the vast, windblown streets are often lonesome between destinations, making the waterfront feel like an amalgam of disparate elements – convention center, hotel bars, a museum, a financial district, and a cruise ship port – strung together by parking lots and highway ramps. The only apartments along the harbor are the two Park Lane Seaport apartment buildings built by Joe Fallon, who recently broke ground on Fan Pier’s first office building.

There are very few options for you, if you’re looking to buy in the area. There is Channel Center, which is more in what’s called “Fort Point Channel”, and the condos at 437 D Street. Also, the FP3 project, also in the Fort Point Channel (it’s an ill-defined neighborhood, as are most).

Beyond that, you’ll have to wait for John Hynes to finish Phase I of his Seaport Square project, which will bring a projected 50 condos (and 50 apartments) to the area right over the Northern Ave Bridge (old).

Oh, it hasn’t broken ground yet.

Actually, hasn’t even been approved.

Source: Waterfront’s not yet feeling like home; Boston’s last frontier shows signs of life, but still lacks that neighborhood allure – By Stephanie Ebbert, The Boston Globe

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