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You know, we like to think that nothing ever changes in Boston. (Or, if you’re like me, you constantly complaining that nothing ever changes in Boston.)

Actually, sometimes things do change.

Here’s a funny story. Real funny. Meaning, tragic.

East Brookline Street in the South End is a quaint street made up of Victorian townhouses, many built in the late 1800’s.

The street borders the Boston City Hospital the Boston University Medical Center.

Buildings on one side of the street back up against the hospital.

In between East Brookline and the hospital is a very narrow road.


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Anytime I’ve been on a showing for a property on the street, the listing agent has always said, “Now, that road is owned by the hospital, but they never use it.”


Now they are.

The hospital is adding a story to a pre-existing building at 88 East Newton Street, one block over. Twelve intensive care units will go in there; another 12 units will be added to onto another wing.

The project … will require the use of the East Brookline Street back alley for the transportation of construction materials.

The staging area for the construction, including the placement of a large crane, would be in a parking lot between East Brookline Street and the medical campus buildings, near the intersection of Harrison Avenue. The project is expected to take around 18 months, a lengthy period of time due in part to the fact that ICU patients would have to be moved at some point during it.

Abutters of the project did not learn of the project, which has been in the planning stages for two years, until April 20 …

Residents are … concerned about the potential noise and vibration from trucks and construction, the possibility of damage to their 130-year-old homes, and the deleterious impact that construction workers could have on the streets.

Ouch. No outdoor barbecues this summer, I guess.

More: BMC construction angers E. Brookline St. residents – By Linda Rodriguez, South End News

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