Selling your home in Boston

Are you thinking of selling your home?

You may have just decided to put your home up for sale. Maybe you’re buying another place. Maybe you’re relocating to another part of the country. Whatever the reason, we can help you through the process, from discussing your hopes and dreams, through the reality of putting your home up for sale, finding a buyer, and closing the sale.

The Sale Process

The sale of a property is a complex process, and we will work with you at every step to make it as smooth as possible. These steps include:

– Helping buyers find your property: We simplify the home buying process to make it easier for buyers to find and buy the right property.

– Qualifying buyers: We will seek financial qualifying information on all buyers submitting purchase offers on your property. Our goal is to pre-qualify or pre-approve the buyer through a reputable lender.

– Purchase offers: We will be with you during the negotiation to help you obtain the most favorable price and terms.

– Closing the Sale: We will work on your behalf to achieve the successful closing of the sale.

The state of the market and how we work for you

Over the past ten years, the real estate market in the South End, Back Bay, and South Boston neighborhoods has gone into overdrive. Property values have risen quickly, and, in most cases, the quality of the homes for sale has improved, dramatically, as well. Until recently, there have been many more buyers than there are available properties, meaning sellers have been able to set the rules.

Even though your home may sell quickly, easily, and for a great price, you should still choose your sales agent, carefully. Too many things can happen that will keep the sale of your home from being a happy and successful experience.

It’s imperative that to realize the greatest profit, the easiest sale, and quickest transaction, that you find an experienced agent with knowledge of the neighborhood and real estate industry, and, just as important, has the tools available to list and ultimately sell your home, to your level of satisfaction.

You spent a lot of time and money finding your current home. Picking the best sales agent is just as an important decision.

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Updated: December 2017