We can all sleep peacefully tonight.

A couple at the Ansonia, a historic Upper West Side apartment building, who had sued a neighbor over her wafting cigarette smoke have agreed to settle their lawsuit, one of the plaintiffs said on Monday.

The plaintiffs — Jonathan Selbin and his wife, Jenny, both lawyers — had sued their fourth-floor neighbor, Galila Huff, claiming that smoke seeping from her condo into the common hallway was jeopardizing the health of the Selbins’ young son.

The neighbor has promised to use air filters and a smokeless ash tray, according to one of the plaintiffs.

Not everyone thought the couple had reason to complain. The couple was slammed in newspapers and on blogs for their efforts to protect the health of their son.

Mr. Selbin indicated on Monday that the publicity surrounding the lawsuit had not been pleasant. “I am confident you will find a way to make us look like terrible people all over again for insisting on such an onerous thing,” he said in the e-mail message.

Source: Upper West Side Couple Settles Suit Over a Neighbor’s Smoke – By Anemona Hartocollis, The New York Times

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