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Seven signs that the real estate market is back

Seven signs that the real estate market is back

Boston condo market is back

As mentioned several times in this Boston Real Estate Blog, 2015 is looking to be a good year for Sellers. As the chart above shows  Sellers and real estate agents have numerous reasons to be optimistic for 2015. Here are seven signs that the real estate market is back:
1. Nationwide existing home sale are up and Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac along with the Mortgage Bankers Association project that some sales will continue to increase through 2015.
2. All major real estate agencies project home appreciation will rise in 2015.
3. Real estate inventory in the United States is declining, especially here in the Boston condo market.
4. Mortgage availability is easier now than in last few years, especially with the resurrection of 3% down for first time home buyers.
5. REO and Short-Sales are in decline throughout the country, with a major drop off from January 2012.
6. Pending sales nationally are up from previous years.
7. Rents on the rise making it more attractive to buy a Boston condo than to rent.
Do you need any more proof that the Boston condo market is back?

Seven signs that the real estate market is back!

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Source: National Association of Realtors

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Next week will have more on finding a Boston apartment and a job as a Millennial.

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