Boston Real Estate for Sale

real estate fees 21 in Seattle, NYC and San Francisco are now requiring real estate brokers to register and pay fees before they’re abe to post ads on their site. I know many Boston real estate agents are going to be upset with me but I can’t wait until the party is over in Boston.

Have you seen apartment ads in July or August for my area in Beacon Hill or worse yet Fenway, Allston and Brighton? I’ve seen 20-30 ads posted for the same apartment (no joke). It’s to the point that some of my  agents refuse to post ads on craigslist anymore. As one of my rental agents in her 20’s said:

 “What’s the point of putting ads on Craigslist when you have xxx working for xxx real estate company hiring a kid in India to post 100 ads for $30.00 a month.”    

The bottom line is that most if not all respected real estate companies that I spoke with are all for a minimum fee to prevent the spaming of apartment listings.

If you have thoughts on this please post a comment either postive or negative it might make a difference. Let’s face it, at some point will look at Boston to see if they should charge fees here. Your thoughts do matter.

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