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Yesterday, the Boston Globe ran an investigative story alleging how Boston Firefighters are manipulating the system for personal gains. The following is an excerpt about one firefighter who ran a Boston real estate company on the taxpayers dime.

One firefighter, Gregory L. Burton, owes his firehouse comrades 554 shifts (shifts not hours) — nearly three years of work — for shifts he borrowed over five years while he was tending to a successful {Boston} real estate business, according to department records. In 2004, for instance, Burton had other firefighters work 124 shifts for him, while Burton himself worked just 34 scheduled tours.

Bio from Burton’s real estate web site:
Mr. Burton is the Principal Broker of the company and has over 21 years of real estate and management experience (He forgot to mention that he’s employed full time with the Boston Fire Department). His real estate experience has been specifically in the communities of Dorchester, Mattapan, Roxbury, Hyde Park, Roslindale and Jamaica Plain; the last 7 years as the Principal Broker and Owner of Burton Associates Real Estate…. Mr. Burton is actively involved in the community with involvement in the Codman Square’s Merchant’s Association and Community Neighborhood Groups. Mr. Burton is also a member of the Codman Square Loan Committee, a non-profit organization committed to providing affordable mortgages to the Dorchester community. Mr. Burton is also a regular Real Estate Presenter at Massachusetts Affordable Housing Alliance, Allston-Brighton CDC and ACORN 1st time home buyer workshops.


File Under: The only person that’s going to get burnt from this is you the taxpayer.

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