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I thought I would never ask my blog readers this question. should I delete negative comments on this real estate blog? Anyone who wrote a comment negative about me, as long as it was backed by some facts I never deleted the comments. John Keith wasn’t sure if this was a great idea, but I thought it would in order give the blog more credibility, and to John Keith’s credit he has backed me 100% when individuals questioned my writings regarding this blog. But this is my new dilemma. What should I do if someone makes a negative comment about another broker that’s not affiliated to me or my real estate office?

Today, I was asked by someone from Coldwell Banker to delete comments written by Donna Hastings who stated that she worked for Coldwell Banker and made negative comments about a manager at the Coldwell Banker’s Boston Waterfront office. The email stated that I have a “moral obligation as a Realtor to denounce slander on another broker”.

This is my problem, I don’t know Donna Hastings, and I don’t know if she is telling the truth or not. As a part-time real estate blogger writer what are my obligations? Am I held to the same standards as a Boston Globe reporter?  Should I start deleting negative comments in fear of lawsuits?

Asking my blog readers for advice.

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