Barney Frank says we should. From today’s Boston Herald:

Rep. Barney Frank is twisting the arms of U.S. Treasury officials to get them to use some of the federal government’s massive bailout fund to help unemployed homeowners pay their mortgages.

Frank, the influential chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said yesterday he’s been in contact with the Treasury about establishing a loan program for jobless Americans struggling to pay monthly mortgage bills.

“These are responsible people,” the Newton Democrat said of jobless workers facing foreclosures.

The people he wants to help weren’t involved in subprime mortgages and only need loans to pay mortgage bills until they find a job, said Frank, who is backing a bill to create such a loan program.

What are your thoughts? Should we help our fellow neighbor in his/her time of need? Or: As Someone once said: “When it comes to giving out money for nothing, it really is like feeding pigeons. When you start there’s just a few. Soon enough you’re surrounded by hundreds of them.”