Boston Real Estate for Sale

Believe it or not, new condos are stilling coming on line these days. The latest: ‘The Signal Building.’

From the article:

South Boston’s new Signal Building hosts 75 condos carved out of the 110-year-old former Signal Industries factory site. … The result: 47 market-rate condos, 24 spaces for artists to live and work and four affordable units offering a variety of layouts, from open floor plans to lofts with 16-foot-beam ceilings.

A couple of months ago, most people would have thought such a rollout was nuts. But the market has stabilized lately.

Remember that Boston is still an expensive housing town, and when the economy picks up again, we’re back to our old problem: The need for more housing. So this is good news.

Here’s a photo gallery for one of the condos.

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