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I had a “whoa” moment today. (No, not when I almost got hit by MBTA bus #2298 while walking IN A CROSSWALK on Tremont Street.)

I was reading this story in the Times about a dispute amongst owners in a New York condo building (the San Remo). It involves a couple of celebrities.

The dispute started, residents say, when Bono bought his penthouse in the building’s north tower in April 2003 from Steve Jobs for around the $14.5 million asking price.

At some point after moving in, Bono … noticed smoke drifting toward their apartment from chimneys in the roof …

Other residents had complained about smoke entering their apartments through faulty flues in the 1930 building. The board [then] banned the use of fireplaces while the problems were studied.

Soon, hackles went up, notably those of Mr. [Billy] Squier, whose apartment on the third floor includes a fireplace, and Mark Gordon, another resident with a fireplace.

This is one insane building! Who else lives there?

Steve Martin, Steven Spielberg, Scott Rudin, James L. Nederlander, Andrew Tobias and Marshall Brickman.

That’s ridiculous!

I was mildly interested in the story. I don’t care much about stories about the idle and famous, but figured it was worth five minutes of my time to read the whole thing.

The story continues …

Other residents said the problem is that the building chimneys end at a height that is hazardously close to the Hewson’s tower duplex, and that emissions tests have confirmed unsafe levels of smoke.

Then, the kicker:

One resident, Mitch Miller, the host ….

WAIT!!! WHAT????

One resident, Mitch Miller, the host ….

That’s what I thought you said. Mitch Miller? Mitch f-ing Miller is also living in the building?? Mitch f-ing Miller is still alive???

Apparently so.

One resident, Mitch Miller, the host of the 1960s television program “Sing Along with Mitch,” had little sympathy for the log-lighting set. “If people want fireplaces, let them go live in the country,” said Mr. Miller, who is 95.

That’s hilarious. Simply hilarious.

The story ends with Andrew Tobias saying something typically annoying and self-centered … but let’s just leave the story on a high note.

Complete story: Among the Rich, a New Dispute Over Air Rights – By Allen Salkin, The New York Times

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