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That’s the advice that the Herald’s Nena Groskind gives out, pretty regularly.

To wit:

Q We’re interested in buying a condo and have found some units in three-family homes that we love. Is there anything we should know about the pros and cons of buying in a converted home vs. a large condo development?

My short answer is one that a lawyer friend of mine gives clients who ask about buying condos in three- or four-unit developments: “Shooting yourself would be quicker and less painful.�

In the first place, it’s impractical, for someone looking to buy in Boston, to ignore the thousands of condos for sale in three-decker homes or in Back Bay and South End brick bow fronts/brownstones.

Yes, there might be less risk and chance of trouble if you buy in a larger condo complex, such as the Ritz Carlton towers or Atelier 505.

If you have a million dollars, go ahead.

For most people, however, there aren’t many choices.

I have been in the real estate business since 2001, and I have never heard of any nightmares caused by disgruntled condo owners and/or their condo boards.

There are more risks in buying a condo in a small condo complex, but they are not significant enough to rule out buying one.

More information: Condos can mean small headaches – By Nena Groskind, The Boston Herald

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