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Intrepid cub-reporter and blogger Sebastian White posted an entry the other day regarding a group of people in Rochester, New York who see an image of Jesus (Christ) on some tree bark.

jesus on a tree

Searching for Jesus?

It turns out he is on tree bark in Rochester.

“Call it a cry for peace, a test of faith or a random act of nature, a tree growing on Rochester’s North Clinton Avenue so far has attracted several dozen believers who say they see the image of Jesus Christ on the tree’s trunk.”

“I see it clearly,” said Yomaira Otero of Rochester, who stood in the pouring rain Tuesday with six members of her family to see the tree. She spoke in Spanish to her relatives and pointed out the facial features, including the beard of bark she saw. “He looks like he’s sleeping.”

From the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

People often see images in things.  In Boston, some people believe a very visible painting has a hidden, political message.


If you look closely at the blue swash, some people believe it resembles the profile of Vietnamese Leader Ho Chin Minh.  A forehead, nose, lips, and long beard, might be discerned.  In 1971, the United States was at war with Vietnam, and some people believe the blue swash was intentionally designed as a public protest.  Corita Kent was a promoter of peace in the world, but denied that a profile was embedded in the rainbow.  (Source: Celebrate Boston)

I am not sure I agree with this, perhaps because I haven’t seen many photos of Ho Chi Minh.

People have seen many different people in the painting.  Some say they see Nixon or Spiro Agnew, some say Frankenstein, and, seriously, some say they see Fred Flintstone.

Depends on your politics, I guess.

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Updated: January 2018

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