Construction has started on the new Maxwell’s Green apartment project in Somerville.

The story touts its location near Davis Square and the planned Green Line extension. But it’s actually only a stone’s throw away from Somerville’s Magoun Square. Poor Magoun Square. Despite recent sidewalk and landscape improvements, it remains the Rodney Dangerfield of Somerville. It still can’t get no respect.

One other thing that jumped out at us was the developer’s comments about Somerville: “The lines between Cambridge and Somerville have really blurred. … Culturally, the cities are very similar, and so are the people who like living in them.’’

If someone had said this 20 years ago, he would have been laughed out of Boston (and Cambridge and Somerville). But it’s true – to an extent. Somerville has changed a lot, though there are still numerous non-hip neighborhoods in Somerville that “young professionals” wouldn’t move to if you paid them.

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