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The Globe profiles the “St. Vincent Neighborhood District” in South Boston. This is the area near the Broadway T-stop, up and to the left, on the edge of South Boston going toward the Menino Convention Center.

The view to the north is of commercial lots packed with cranes and heavy equipment, brick and metal warehouses, garages, and workshops. Behind are narrow streets tightly packed with triple deckers, brick row houses, shingled duplexes largely occupied by working-class families.

It is an area in transition. Many of the commercial uses are no longer viable, leaving vacant lots and rundown buildings behind. In this kind of location, said architect Michael LeBlanc, “people are less concerned about a design that is different and are happy to see something happen there.”

Couple that with the demand from the new wave of urban pioneers who are drawn to such emerging neighborhoods for hip, modern design and developers see a chance to break away from tradition.

The jury’s out if this area will ever become a real “neighborhood” (no offense to its current residents). It’s a bit too industrial for the likes and needs of many.

However, if some of the proposed developments ever get off the ground, things could change rapidly. There are plans to build a condo complex at 50 West Broadway, and further down between C Street and D Street, developers have proposed the massive “Emerald Court” project.

If you’re looking for a good home in an up-and-coming neighborhood, this could be the place.

Source: New edge to South Boston – By Gail Ravgiala, The Boston Globe

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