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South Boston’s elected officials want it both ways. They want all the perks that come along with being near a desirable area (the Seaport District), but don’t want to deal with all the downsides (increased traffic, non-stop construction).

A couple years ago, I seem to remember there was some (minor) scandal when it was discovered that Mayor Menino had signed a secret agreement with Jimmy Kelly, granting South Boston residents all the jobs for anything built in the area (I can’t remember the specifics, can you?).

South Boston was against a new ballpark in the Seaport District, even though, in my opinion, they would have had to deal with very little additional traffic and congestion.

Today, the Herald has a story about how South Boston’s elected officials want to make sure that the area near Fan Pier and Pier 4 is called what they think it should be called – the South Boston Waterfront.

Hmmm … If you look at a map, the Seaport District is distinct and separate from South Boston. The area has very, very little to do with South Boston, and, partially, that’s your own fault. All roads lead OUT of South Boston – it’s practically impossible to get into it, from the Seaport District.

Source: Then we push for “D Boulevard”? Pols stir “Seaport”, “Southie” wrangle- By Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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