A local developer and a beloved sports team are both asking the state for money.

“Builders seeking public subsidies to redevelop run-down Lawrence mills and a derelict Mattapan site face some unusual competition from Hub millionaire developer Arthur Winn.

Winn may seek as much as $2 million in state money targeted for depressed areas to help build an exclusive Back Bay hotel and condo tower over the Massachusetts Turnpike, state records show. Overall, Winn plans to seek tens of millions of dollars in various city, state and federal government subsidies for his Columbus Center.”


The Red Sox want “$55 million to convert the Yawkey Way commuter rail station from a part-time to a full-time stop, improve four nearby MBTA subway stops, and upgrade the traffic rotary near Landmark Center. The ball club also hopes to garner game-day revenue from two proposed 900-car garages that would be financed with tax-exempt bonds.”

Will the state cough up the cash? What if they don’t? Will it make a difference? Who should pay for upgrades to infrastructure – just those who want it, or anyone who uses it? (For example, the Red Sox play 81 home games at Fenway – but the upgrades will be in use every day of the year.)

Source: Public funds for the Sox? Menino balks – by Joan Vennochi, The Boston Globe

Also: Toney hub high-rise eyes Mass. millions – by Scott Van Voorhis, The Boston Herald

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Updated: January 2018

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