It’s April, so people’s thoughts are turning to taxes, and where they live makes a big difference in how much they pay.

Here are the 10 states with the highest taxes, including property, individual income, sales, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, motor vehicles, hunting and fishing, motor fuels, death and gift taxes, as well as insurance premiums. The per capita tax was derived by adding up all the taxes and dividing the total by the number of citizens.

1. Vermont, $3,861
2. Hawaii, $3,856
3. Connecticut, $3,596
4. Minnesota, $3,203
5. New Jersey, $3,024
6. New York, $3,019
7. Massachusetts, $2,953
8. Washington, $2,553
9. Wyoming, $2,357
10. Pennsylvania, $2,223

From Forbes:

Population: 6.4 million

Average tax burden per person: $2,953

At $12.4 billion, or $1,925 per person, Massachusetts garnishes more in personal income taxes (both at the gross and individual levels) than just about any state in the country. Still, Bay Staters pay very low property tax based on Census figures, though combined with the pinch from sales tax ($929 per person), it’s enough to land the state in the top 10.

Source: Forbes, Matt Woolsey

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